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The Partisans of Athens available online

March 3rd marked two years since The Partisans of Athens was screened for the first time in the 20th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. During these last two years hundreds of screenings have taken place in cinemas around Athens, in municipal centers, cultural organizations, social spaces, trade unions and other entities in Greece, as well as the public broadcaster ERT. It was our intention to make our documentary film available for all the aforementioned places so that it could bring people together, and serve as a melting pot for dialogue on the period of the German Occupation of Athens and Greece in general. Since our film received such a warm reception from -younger and older- audiences in Greece and abroad, we were motivated to start working on our next documentary.

As we feel that The Partisans of Athens has accomplished its goal, and given the fact that people who haven’t already watched it requested to make it available on the interne, we decided to upload it for free in Greek with English subtitles (new languages to be added). As of today you may watch online our documentary.

Simultaneously we set out on a fresh adventure with our new documentary film Newborn Sky. It narrates the lives of women fighters of the Democratic Army of Greece (DSE) up in the mountains from the signing of the Treaty of Varkiza until their retreat to the People’s Republics. The accounts of the protagonists themselves are once more at the core of our research. The women of DSE describe how they decided to go up to the mountains after the White Terror choosing the path of resistance over that of defeat. You can get all the updates on our new documentary film at the Newborn Sky facebook page.

We hope that The Partisans of Athens will keep you good company during these difficult times. Enjoy the film!


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