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The blue bill

The Wermacht's "war-unworthy"
Resistance anti-fascists in the ranks of the conqueror 1942-1945

Το εξώφυλλο του βιβλίου «Το μπλε δελτίο: Οι «Πολεμικώς Ανάξιοι» στη Βέρμαχτ»

"The Blue Bill" is the translation of the book "Die mit dem blauen Schein. Über den antifaschistischen Widerstand in den 999er Formationen der faschistischen deutchen Wehrmacht (1942-1945)" published by the Military Publications of the German Democratic Republic and describes the action of anti-fascist German soldiers who joined the resistance movements, standing up to Nazism.

In the book, which is a collection of oral testimonies of fighters, there is extensive mention of their actions in Greece, where a significant number defected and fought through the lines of ELAS.


"Colleagues! We invite you who are still undecided to come to ELAS immediately... The war is ending... Seize this last and unique opportunity, take your weapons and come to us. This is how you will serve our country and family much better than if you get killed in a futile war for the Nazi clique.
ELAS only asks us to end this predatory war. Do you want to be held accountable for the atrocities of the SS forever?
If not, end it!"

"The German patriots of the 21st Battalion 999 gathered in the 54th Regiment of the ELAS and formed the nucleus of a new anti-fascist German unit, the AEEG "Volos" Hectonarchy. By October 1944 it numbered approximately 90 anti-fascists, who, under the guidance of the executive of the AEEG, Comrade Reinhart, provided ideological-political enlightenment to the colleagues in the ranks of ELAS, indoctrination and propaganda in the German outposts and participated in the armed struggle against the occupiers". (From the presentation on the back cover of the book)

Publication Information

Author Collective

Publication date October 2022

Number of pages 360

Dimensions 14x21

Published by memOria

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