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Newborn Sky documentary crowdfunding

Newborn Sky is a full-length documentary in the making. Its goal is to explore a very important historical period, between 1945 and 1949, through the eyes of women who fought in the ranks of the Democratic Army of Greece. It begun as historical research that was later captured by the cinematographic lens as oral history.

The recording of the memories of these women through “live”narration in front of the camera is a matter that we consider pertinent to everyone. In this way, unknown aspects of our modern history come to light. This recording has not been financed by official bodies, on the contrary, our production has been strictly self-financed up to this point. In our times, we consider these documentaries as a way to open a dialogue between the past, the present and the future. We believe that by approaching these historical facts from the point of view of their participants (in this case, by talking to the DSE women fighters themselves), we contribute to their studying, and we can provide information to the public in a more accessible way.

Filming so far

The filming of these interviews started in March 2019, and, in the meantime, we have collected over 15 testimonies, and we are approaching the end of filming. In order to film them, a few members of the group COLLECTIVE MEMORY have travelled to the cities cited below, both in Greece and abroad: Thessaloniki (twice), Ptolemaida, Volos, Egio, Karditsa, Katerini, Larisa, Berlin, Budapest, Florina, Edesa.

Tasks pending

In order to complete the first phase of this documentary, we must travel to the mountains of Grammos, so that we can film the area, and also conduct one more interview in Northern Greece.

By completing these task we will be able to move forward to the second phase of the documentary. This consists of the final editing, and the rest of the tasks which will be detailed below.

Financial support

As cited above, this is a self-financed documentary, and our goal is to complete it and screen it in Greek and foreign film festivals, but also in cinemas, municipal centers, squats and social spaces.

So, we are asking for your assistance, in order to cover a part of the expenses already made, as well as the post production expenses, which will be made in the future.

Why you should put your faith in us

The director of the documentary Newborn Sky, Giannis Xydas, has already a similar film to his credit, The Partisans of Athens (Athens Resistance 1941-44), which participated in the 20th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. That documentary was screened in various spaces, and was awarded, among other prizes, the first commendation for its excellent use of archival material, its tight editing and its preservation of historical memory in the 1st Documentary Festival for Young Filmmakers, as well as the Audience Favorite prize in the 7th Workers Unite! Film Festival in New York.

Furthermore, COLLECTIVE MEMORY consists of a flexible group of people, both professionals and amateurs, who are interested both in history and in showcasing it through a distinguished artistic result. We have very limited funds, but also a firm belief that stories like these must be told, and shouldn’t gather dust in some drawer due to financial reasons.

As was the case with The Partisans of Athens, after a first round of screening has been completed, the documentary will be uploaded for free. Your assistance will serve as a motive for us to continue our efforts to record history “from below”. Finally, in case someone is not able to assist financially, they can help us by sharing and/or sending this invitation for financial support, in order to spread the word.

Find here the ways to contribute the "Newborn Sky: Women in the Democratic Army of Greece" documentary crowdfunding.

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