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Stories of the Occupation

The starting point of the documentary Newborn Sky is placed in the period after the Varkiza agreement, in the years of the White Terror. However, the women fighters who talk about their lives back then and how they ended up enlisting with the Democratic Army of Greece, had already started their action from the period of the Nazi Occupation, either as members of EPON or as "Eagles" (youth fighters).

As a team, we believe it is appropriate to highlight small stories from that period which, although not included in the main body of the documentary, they are necessary for the understanding of each one's decision to leave towns for to the mountains (either by themselves or together with their families) where a competitive action was taking place during the period of the Occupation.

'Stories of the Occupation' are a series of short videos with short stories of the female protagonists that provide a good opportunity to get to know these female fighters.

Katina Tenta-Latifi

Sofia Fakou

Marika Papadopoulou

Alexandra Oikonomakou

Athanasia Papadamaki-Mpazi

Yanna Zormpala-Trikalinou

Elpida Freggidou-Mitroliou

Vasiliki Goga-Mpakoura

Areti Skevi-Bakirtzi

Eleni Nikolaidou-Haritoudi

Vaitsa Pourzitidou

Maria Kiriakidou-Kotsi

Tasoula Lazaridou

Eleni Katsi-Pachi

Smaragdi Lefousi

Eleni Tragganida-Makrinioti

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