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Construction workers, our heroic comrades...

The formation of a collective struggle during the period 1960-1967.


After the end of the Greek Civil War, thousands of persecuted men and women guerrillas fled to the socialist countries or were sent to exile. During that same period young people migrated from their villages to the cities –mainly to Athens where fear and terror had reared their ugly head– in order to look for a better and brighter future. One of the trades they practiced was manual labor, for example construction work.

Meanwhile, in the mid-fifties communist prisoners started being released and also turned to construction work in order to survive. It was the one and only occupation that didn’t require them to have signed a certificate of social beliefs. They joined young people who had just reached the capital and together, using their experience in social struggles, they built unions in order to fight for better working and living conditions.

Their hard struggles and grandiose strikes lead to important achievements for the workers like social security, continuous working hours, benefits and allowances, and banning police presence from their assemblies. Meanwhile, the construction workers movement got heavily politicized by posing political demands as well as labor ones, concerning U.S. bases in Greece, the peace movement, the withdrawal of Greece from the European Economic Community, the Cyprus dispute, etc.

Construction workers were the vanguard of the labor and working class movement and set a great example of resistance and struggle in a bleak historical period.

Research - Scenario - Direction Yannis Xydas

Directors of photography - Camera Xenofontas Vardaros, Alexandros Aristopoulos, Giorgos Nounesis

Drone operator Giorgos Nounesis

Narration Antonis Antoniou

Voice over trailer Andreas Kontopoulos

Editing – Color Correction Giorgos Nounesis

Sound Engineering - Mixing Nikos Bitsimeas, Giorgos Adam

Original Music Alexis Kalofolias

Musicians Alexis Kalofolias (bass, electric guitar, beats), Kostis Zouliatis (piano, keyboards), Kleon Antoniou (electric guitar), Stefanos Flotsios (acoustic/electric guitar), Angelos Kottas (lute), Panos Kasiaris (electric guitar)

Communication Manager – Social media Sevi Sallagianni

Website Creation & Management Petros Stergiou

Research Assistant Christina Koniali

Production Assistants Maria Tsagkaraki, Nikos Pappas

Translation - Subtitling Ilias Diamesis


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