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The Partisans of Athens

A documentary about the EAM Resistance during the Occupation period in Athens ('41-'44). 14 narrations. 14 stories. A people against the Italian and German invaders as also their local collaborators. A documentary about collective memory.

Η αφίσα του ντοκιμαντέρ «Οι Παρτιζάνοι των Αθηνών»

Starting with the testimonies of people who took part in the Resistance, 'The Partisans of Athens' attempt to shed light on known and unknown stories of their struggle, as theis took place in the districts of Athens.

From the famine period of '41-'42, the sit-ins of the popular committees and National Solidarity, the grand marches against the conscription and descent of the Bulgarians, the battles of ELAS and OPLA in the districts, the establishment of the EAM on the initiative of the Communist Party (KKE), the illegal proclamations and slogans of EPON on the walls until the liberation of Athens, the protagonists compose a mosaic of experiences, struggles and expectations about how they chose to clash with defeatism and collaboration with Nazism-fascism.

The personal stories "bind" with rare archival material, original music score by drog_A_tek and modern footage from the Haidari camp, the Kaisariani Shooting Range and the districts of Athens.


Direction Xenofontas Vardaros, Yiannis Xydas

Research - Scenario Yannis Xydas

Narration Rigas Axelos

Photo editing - Editing Xenofontas Vardaros

Sound engineering - Mixing Andreas Govas

Original music drog_A_tek

Camera Xenofontas Vardaros, Christos Panagos

Translation - Subtitling Ilias Diamesis

Graphic editing Kostas Minaidis

Communication officer - Transcripts Sevi Salagianni


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