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'Construction workers, our heroic comrades...' premieres at the 26th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

Our latest documentary 'Construction workers, our heroic comrades...' will premiere at the 26th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, at the Platform+ section, that will take place from March 7th, till March 17th 2024.

More information on how to watch the documentary online will be released soon. Below follows the documentary Press Release:

Construction workers, our heroic comrades...

The formation of a collective struggle during the period 1960-1967.

Exile... Communists who make a living in the buildings of Athens, where the post civil war state does not ask for proof of legality. Crushed fighters trying to stand back on their feet after years of persecution.

Poverty... Young people from the deprived province arrive in the capital looking for a better future, a job to survive and support their families. Internal migrants in a city undergoing political and social transformation.

Struggle... People with common and different starting points, young and older in a collective struggle that will be built with elements from the present and the past, from their fluid present and rich past. Builders, construction workers and craftsmen, take on their backs a trade union movement – a compass for the future.


Thanasis Argiris

Niki Gkiouzeli

Vasilis Douros

Mpampis Drakopoulos

Andreas Zazopoulos

Panagiotis Kalivas

Spiros Manos

Diamantis Mavrodoglou

Vaggelis Paretzoglou

Stavros Smaraidos


Research - Scenario - Direction: Yannis Xydas

Directors of photography - Camera: Xenofontas Vardaros, Alexandros Aristopoulos, Giorgos Nounesis

Drone operator: Giorgos Nounesis

Narration: Antonis Antoniou

Voice over trailer: Andreas Kontopoulos

Editing – Color Correction: Giorgos Nounesis

Sound Engineering - Mixing: Nikos Bitsimeas, Giorgos Adam

Original Music: Alexis Kalofolias


Alexis Kalofolias: Bass, Electric Guitar, Beats 

Kostis Zouliatis: Piano, Keyboards

Kleon Antoniou: Electric Guitar

Stefanos Flotsios: Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Angelos Kottas: Lute

Panos Kasiaris: Electric Guitar

Communication Manager – Social media: Sevi Sallagianni

Website Creation & Management: Petros Stergiou

Research Assistant: Christina Koniali

Production Assistants: Maria Tsagkaraki, Nikos Pappas

Translation - Subtitling: Ilias Diamesis


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